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A Journey into the Silent Worlds

Borut Furlan

A prestigious gift photomonography unveils us colorful charms of the underwater world, eternalized by one of the best underwater photographers Borut Furlan.

Price: 59,90 EUR

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Num. of pages: 196

Cover: hardcover

Format: 275 x 274 mm

About the book
Photomonography subtitled "Underwater Photography" shows the best shots of Borut Furlan from the period, in which he was a recurring state champion in underwater photography. His talent was noticed also abroad, since he can boast of a third spot at the world championship in Egypt in 2000. This is a prestigious book of top-level photographs, the fans of the sea and nature will gladly feast their eyes upon. The author takes us into various sea environments, from the Red See to Indonesia, Croatia, Salomon Islands and the Pacific. We come to know little fish, big fish, mollusca, cephalopod and other amazing creatures in their natural environment and we marvel at the beauty of the underwater world. The book is available in Slovene and English language.

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