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A treasury of Slovenian folklore - 101 folk tales from Slovenia

Monika Kropej, Zmago Šmitek, Roberto Dapit

101 folk tales from Slovenia. Here are presented traditional stories, handed down orally from generation to generation, which helped our ancestors to better understand the world, to learn what is good and right, dangerous or bad, and how to behave in nature and society.

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Translator: Barbara Kerr and Joan Meade

Num. of pages: 168

Cover: hardcover

Format: 250 x 185 mm

About the book
This book is a collection of tales from Slovenia, which, until its independence in 1991, was part of the former Yugoslavia. Slovenia lies on the Adriatic Sea and is bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Its landscape is composed of the Alps, the Mediterranean coastal region and the Pannonian Plain. Slovenian folklore seems to have been preserved in its richest traditional form by those living along the borders of neighbouring countries who carried with them the vestiges of their native lore and preserved often very archaic tradition.

This anthology of folklore has been garnered from various regions of the Slovenian ethnic territories. Although coming from different Slovenian regions, the themes which run through some of the tales are often similar, sometimes even identical, and parallels can be found in other nations. Oral tradition does not have geographical boundaries and travels around the globe, together with the population. Details, such as the original names of different characters, are often lost in the course of the journey but the story stays more or less the same. The storyteller constantly reshapes the story and this then reflects his experience, location, knowledge and the tendency to embellish the story for a particular audience.

Traditional stories, which have been handed down orally from generation to generation, are now preserved in books and other media. They give us a great insight into how people lived in the past, what they did and how they perceived their world. These stories, some of them quite frightening, have always been interesting but frequently they contain educational components. Thus the narrative served as a way to help children understand their world and to learn what is good and right, dangerous or bad, and how one should behave in nature and society.

Today in Slovenia, traditional folk tales and fairy tales are slowly disappearing from the common storytelling repertoire. The older population, especially in remote parts of the country, occasionally retells the traditional fairy tales, legends or stories they once told to friends and family. The old stories that we come across today are not only rare but also shorter than those from the days before the arrival of modern media. This is generally due to the fact that we have less spare time. Some of the stories which are included in this book were transcribed from tape recordings of the storytellers.

This book presents everything from etiological folktales which explain how the world and living beings were created to tales about mythical animals, magical beings residing in nature, twilight apparitions and magical beings connected with underground treasures, wandering souls, fairytale beings, witches, wizards and magical healers, and tales about heroes and historical characters.

The folk tales in this book remain true to the original narratives recorded either on tape, in manuscripts and archives, or which were published in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Every storyteller speaks in his or her distinct native dialect and we have tried here to translate them into popular language for the reader, without changing the style, the content or the meaning of the original.


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