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Bled 1000 Jahre

A book that unveils a 1000-year old history as well as cultural and natural heritage of this Slovene natural and tourist pearl.

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Translator: Marjeta Pretnar Čop

Num. of pages: 240

Cover: hardcover

Format: 275 x 199 mm

About the book
Thousand years have passed since Bled was first mentioned and for this purpose we decided to publish a document of the past and present time. You will find a rich mosaic of different research approaches and different narrative ways which bear witness to the millenium of our entry into high world of medieval Europe. It speaks about milleniums of human presence in the space that has always been connected to developed European cultures of its time. The book describes the history of Bled and its surroundings, cultural and natural heritage, national costumes, dialect, songs ...and many more. It took three years for the book to be written and there was no effort spared from the whole company of authors who did an amazing job and wrote an extraordinary work. Editorial committe consisted of: Jože Antonič, Božo Benedik, Rajko Bernik, Janez Fajfar, Ana Marija Kovač, Franc Rozman, Sonja Šlibar, Eva Štraus Podlogar, Melita Vovk in Metka Žnidar. The book is available in Slovene, German and English language.

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