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Mileva and Albert Einstein

mag. Djordje Krstić

A book that describes a joint professional effort and a private life story of a scientific couple Albert and Mileva Einstein.

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Translator: mag. Djordje Krstić, Linda Shayne

Num. of pages: 248

Cover: brochure

Format: 209 x 148 mm

About the book
Love and a joint scientific work of mag. Djordja krstić, a researcher of the life of Albert Einstein and his first wife Mileva Marić, enters the life of an interesting couple from the world of physics that could be compared to the married couple Curie, because they also devoted their lives to science. Their ways parted after some time, but that doesn't reduce their joint share in science. The author tries to emphasize the work of Mileva Marić who has stayed in Einstein's shadow till now. How Albert and Mileva met, what was their joint path of life and which are their joint scientific accomplishments - all this can be read in the book that is richly equipped with image material and some documents published for the first time.

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