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They all ate sushi

Eva Petrič

They All Ate Sushi has the anatomy of a sushi, being both literarily and metaphorically composed of various ingredients. Just as the ingredients of a sushi are rolled up, the main heroes of this novel are also rolled up in their own separate love stories. When unrolled, they form an even bigger final sushi

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Num. of pages: 269

Cover: hardcover

Format: 245 x 163 mm

About the book
rtheless end up in a similar spiral of fights, reproaches and disappointments, bothered by troubles similar to those of Sara and Juan Cruz. In the presence of their dominant parents (Diana in the presence of her dominant father and Juan in the presence of his dominant mother) both struggle with the dilemma whether to accept themselves as they see themselves or whether to take themselves to be as their parents expect and claim them to be. Diana's dilemma expresses and attaches itself to food, which prevents her from having a normal relationship with it and the image of herself. Juan, in his fight to free himself from his mother's idealized image of him, compulsively searches for other identities that he can pretend to be. Both are afraid to see who they really are, out of fear of possibly discovering themselves to be as their parents reproach them to be. Despite being very similar to each other, Diana and Juan attract rather than repel each other. They do not fall in love with each other as they appear to others, but rather fall in love with the true image of their own selves that they project onto and thus see in each other. Their troubles do not separate them, but on the contrary, make their relationship even stronger. Nevertheless, their relationship fails. They too, like Jana and Lovro as well as Sara and Juan Cruz find themselves in a spiral of reproaches and even physical violence. Diana decides to "cut" this and moves out of her relationship with Juan but is unable to get rid of him. He stays in her head as a parasite. Even though the story of Jana and Lovro is different, it nevertheless express one and the same: the greatest challenge sometimes is to eat a piece of sushi. In the same way that a sushi is composed of three layers: seaweed, rice and the center, this novel is composed of real time events and circumstances, subconscious expectations and unconscious repressed desires and fears. Each of its separate layers offers its own taste, yet when all are rolled up together, they offer an altogether new taste! One only has to go beyond the fear of a possible aftertaste, bite into the sushi and not spit it out upon the first encounter with its taste - for the real taste develops only after the sushi is thoroughly chewed up. It is only the mysterious man who seems to remain immune to the troubles brought on by the expiration date cursed sushi. How does he manage this? By changing his diet and avoiding sushi altogether? Yes, he declines sushi and instead orders the healthier -Teriyaki! But how much love is there inside teriyaki? Seems like none, for all that appears to be rolled is sushi. Perhaps this is why Laura insists on sushi, despite knowing its curse and the commodity of the more simple to eat teriyaki. Eva Petrič Eva Petrič, born 1983 in Kranj, Slovenia, graduated 2005 from psychology and visual art in Vienna, Austria. She is devoting her time to writing, photography, video and performance art. Growing up in different regions of the world, in linguistically, culturally and geographically very different environments, spanning from African, Asian to North American and Central European, she received her formal education at eight different schools in six different countries on three different continents. She currently resides in Vienna, Austria, where she is the artist of the gallery Suppan Contemporary. In 2008 she began her MFA studies - under the mentorship of the famous French photographer and filmmaker Lucien Clergue - at the Transart Institute of the Danube University Krems, Austria. In 2006 she received the Čižek Award for her music video Army of me and was the recipient of the grant of the Film foundation of Slovenia for the development of the two of her scripts. Her visual art was exhibited at several solo as well as numerous group exhibitions in Austria, Slovenia and USA, as well as at the international contemporary art fairs in Italy, Switzerland and Czech Republic. In February 2008 a cycle of her photographs was selected by the art critic of the month and was exhibited in Cankarjev dom, the main cultural and performing center in Ljubljana, Slovenia, while in May 2008 one of her photographs received the third prize at the annual photographic juried show in St. Louis, USA. In June 2008 she was declared the artist of the month at the Art Lab website of the Hilger Gallery in Vienna, Austria. In 2007 the Drava publishing house, Klagenfurt, Austria, published her book of poetry This Space is a Box, with a cycle of her black and white photographs included. Her book They All Ate Sushi is her first published prose fiction book.

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